Green With Envy Containers

Containers either planted or with stunning floral displays can create a striking visual impact in your home, garden or venue. Thoughtfully planned containers can be used to make a focal feature or give atmosphere to an area. Plus, they are easy to change and create a new style or mood, perhaps to enhance a special occasion or reflect the season.

Green with Envy can provide a range of options. 

  • Themed Containers – a special GWE concept! Make a bold statement with a combination of custom container styling and skilful planting or floral displays to match your venue whether indoors or outside. Emblems, logos, particular features names can be added if desired on these bespoke containers.
  • Floral Container Displays – stunning arrangements that are ideal for use at special occasions whether as a single display or part of an overall floral scheme with a wealth of container styles to choose from.
  • Garden Containers – containers can be the answer when looking for an effective way of bringing fresh life and impact into areas of your garden, or as part of garden restyling. Again we can provide a range of containers or we are happy work with your own.
  • Seasonal Planting – or more regular refreshes of containers or floral arrangements can be arranged.

Initial consultations are free of charge. To arrange this with us please click here